Hotel Laptop safe supplier

Hotel Laptop safe supplier

Item : HT-20JC Hotel Laptop safe supplier

Details :

Laptop safe supplier HT-20JCSpecification: 

1.  External Size (HxWxD)200 x 420 x 370(mm)

2.  Packing Size: (HxWxD) 220 x 450420(mm)
3.  Lock:  LED electronic lock + Override key

4.  Weight: 12KG


LED display hotel safe with motorized locking system

User code for guest , master code for hotel security management
Emergency system override with hidden feature
Audit trial feature for minimum 100 entries
Wrongly input codes the safe will lockout
Iluminated electronic keypad with instruction
One way 2 steel lock bolts with 10mm diameter
IIuminated light when door opened with hydraulic support
Securely fixed on floor or wall with anchor holes
Automatically low battery warning feature
Scratch-resistant powder coating finish

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